Internal Data Distribution Use Cases

The open nature of TickSmith makes it easier than ever for users and partners to build and configure solutions for various use cases. Our platform integrates within your existing infrastructure to make shared data the center of your architecture. 

Alternative Data

Used for distribution of non-financial data sets from Third Party Providers like RS Metrics, Orbital Insights, and others.

Empowers machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Great when combined with “traditional” financial data

Machine Learning

Business Intelligence and Machine Learning to build compliance applications for:

  • Timestamping
  • Spoofing
  • Layering
  • Non-compliant Trades
  • Fraudulent Transactions

Data Visualization

Demonstrates the depth and capabilities of their historical tick data

Easy to use interfaces: Web, Rest API, Python API

Self registration to ease content distribution

Thomson Reuters Data Loader is available as a module that enables comparing with other datasets

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