Analytics Use Cases

The open nature of TickSmith makes it easier than ever for users and partners to build and configure solutions for various use cases. Our platform integrates within your existing infrastructure to make shared data the center of your architecture. 

Transaction Cost Analysis

Analytics over quotes and trades from private order flow merged with market data

Provides internal and external metrics on trade execution, in addition to back testing and compliance capabilities

Also provides best execution reports for MiFID compliance

Real-time processing of all US and Canadian equity exchanges

Advanced Insights

ALL trading activity on the 13 equities trading facilities in Canada (exchanges, ATS, etc.)

Evaluate the performance of market makers and financial institutions

Use gained insight to attract market flow

Book Replay

Visualize and browse trading history per symbol

Shows updated statistics/analytics at any point in time

Works with any source of data

Supports Level 1 and Level 2 data

Can combine data from multiple sources into unique books


Queries executed in seconds instead of days

Core to the bank’s trading and market making activities

Data utility allows users and systems to concentrate on their secret sauce, not on data preparation

Used by multiple groups within the bank

TickSmith’s Analytics Platform provides fast post-trade TCA.

Find out how TickSmith helped a global wealth management and investment bank improve their business
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