Data in a Time of Hardship

The Data Behind The Data

Data is gold in a time of crisis; it shines a realistic light to the current situation and collectively influences our personal views and decisions. Although the interpretation of the data will vary, data is the single source of truth needed during a bleak time.

While social isolation and lockdowns worldwide inhibit day-to-day activities outside, within each household, individuals are generating more data than ever before. From households to enterprises all engaging in virtual activity, volumes of data generated and collected has seen a sharp incline. Inside the walls housing stock exchange trading engines and server racks, computers are constantly running calculations to keep up with humanity’s digital footprint in lieu of a physical one. 

The following chart displays the size of data month-by-month within the past year of all orders and executions from every Canadian equity exchange. TickSmith generates these Book Replay files on a daily basis with our  GOLD platform:

What does the data behind the data reveal in the midst of a crisis? It’s a fact that current market uncertainties are causing people to shift their positions and take money out of the stock market. While users are selling shares to rebalance their portfolio, this leads to higher trading activity and more data that needs to be processed.

In regards to data ingestion– the actual amount of data coming in– this means larger files to process across the board all at once. In some cases, the trade volume is 5x higher than normal in recent weeks. What we’re seeing behind the data is an issue on data processing volume and speed. Why are legacy data management systems failing during the crisis?

Read more in the second article from our series, ‘The Data Behind the Data.’


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