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Centralized trade & quote data and analytics

TickVault Platform Data Flow Diagram Overview

We use TickVault to deliver out-of-the box solutions to trading groups. TickVault is our big data platform for storing, managing, analyzing and delivering structured and unstructured financial data such as trade & quote history, news and events, research, corporate actions and more. It is ideal for trading groups to cost effectively manage, analyze and extract value from mountains of financial data.

Learn More About TickVault

  • Centralize Terabytes and Petabytes of data you receive from quote feeds, trading systems, event feeds and more

  • Easily access data and reports via point and click access interfaces and APIs

  • Run out-of-the box and custom analytics

Some of the benefits for trading groups :

  • Based on the Hadoop Stack, TickVault allows you to accumulate and manage 1 to 1,000 TB+ of structured and unstructured data including all your trade and quote history

  • Data Management Analytics allow you to create normalized and specialized versions of your data as well as value-added product, reports and statistics

  • Flexible entitlements, access and identity management features

  • Flexible Web Portal with multilingual interface and user management

  • Deliver your data through point and click web interfaces, display data in tables and charts and provide download in various formats

  • Provide new market insights using the historical Book Replay interface


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