TickSmith + Snowflake - Automate Your Data Sales and Delivery Process

Launch a Data Web Store On Top of Snowflake

Personalize and simplify your customer’s data shopping experience by combining your data offering on Snowflake Data Cloud with TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store platform, automating the data sales and data delivery process.

Many firms, such as yours, are selling data on Snowflake Data Marketplace and are likely looking at ways to distribute it to as many customers as possible. The TickSmith and Snowflake integration makes it easier than ever to customize your data offering, fully automate the data delivery process, and enhance your data sales strategy.

TickSmith’s Data Web Store would enable your customers to instantaneously purchase and access data without the back and forth of dozens emails. Simple data discovery capabilities and extended data access, will not only save your customers’ time and costs, but also improve their productivity.

Fully Automate and Productize Your Data

Sell Data To Anyone

At TickSmith, we help firms unify and distribute their data with our Enterprise Data Web Store. Our key features give firms and their users a variety of ways to access data which is essential in achieving business objectives such as generating new revenue streams or increasing their customer base. 

As volumes of data continuously grow, our features can help optimize data discovery and orchestrate a better distribution of data.

Benefits of Having a Data Store
On Top of Snowflake

What your data buyers want

Instantaneous Access To Your Data On Snowflake

Great purchase experience with instantaneous access to the data. Make your data in Snowflake available to anyone, anywhere, anyhow.

Seamless Integration with Data Buyer Systems

Offer various modern and legacy access methods that integrate with the existing data buyers’ infrastructure and systems.

Common Standard To Download Data

Provide a common way and format to access your data and manage all sources using the key tools of the TickSmith platform. 

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