Internal Data Distribution

Solution Benefits


Ensure that only the right people can access your information by managing your data’s format and location, access control, and usage auditing.


Better understand your data users by measuring who in your firm is accessing your data, what departments they are in, and how they access it.


Create new offerings and improve old use cases by leveraging your data more effectively and efficiently.


Streamline data usage, issue resolution and maintenance by having all of your data, monitoring, entitlements, and audits in one place.

How it Works

Centralize Data


All trade & quote history, reference data, files, reports and all data that your firm has ever produced or purchased. Load all your history and updates from files/feeds into the platform.

Wrangle Data


Turn your data into usable, normalized formats. You can join histories where formats have evolved over time, combine different datasets together, and leverage your data in new ways.

Derived data


New datasets and offerings such as time-series, simple and complex derived data, from second/minute bars for charting to VWAPs and other benchmarks, and customized subsets.


Specific users or groups of users are able to see and access your data and offerings. Fully control your users' and staff's access to the data with entitlements.



Distribute your data to entitled users in whatever way they prefer, such as SFTP download, download and query APIs, S3-to-S3 transfer, or through a web interface.



You need to centralize all the data accumulated by your firm over the years to provide more comprehensive analytics, strengthen client relationships and provide more features.

Hedge Funds

To use hundreds of sources of traditional and alternative data with your AI and ML applications you need a scalable platform to manage and render your content usable.

Financial Institutions

You need a robust, hugely scalable platform that will provide all the workflow and controls to leverage this data for current and future applications.

TickSmith’s Internal Data Distribution Solution standardizes
alternative data for ingestion and distribution at scale

our technology ingests alternative and traditional data used to feed analytics and models
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