Solution for Exchanges - Unify and Sell Data

Diversify Your
Data Offering​

Data offerings that were not previously possible or complex to orchestrate are now made easy. Discover how the platform currently helps leading exchanges diversify their offering and grow their revenue.

The economy relies on data and the rise of AI increases the demand for historical intraday (level 2) data. These datasets are huge, making it challenging to catalog and price. The secure, flexible and fast to launch platform enables your business teams, sales teams and your customers to quickly find the data they need. Learn how your customers can query your data down to the field level and receive only the data they care about through various access methods.

Expand Your Data Offering

Create New Revenue Streams

The Enterprise Data Web Store unifies and sells your data. It comes fully packaged as an end-to-end solution, which you can easily white-label. With this approach, you can create new revenue streams by leveraging our unique modules and features specifically designed and used by exchanges.

Data Distribution Reinvented for Data Monetization

Leverage a Proven Platform

Save time with a proven data distribution platform that comes with all the back-end functionality needed to get your data flowing. We work collaboratively with your innovation group and development team in order to get your data online as quickly as possible.

CME Datamine Use Case

Increase Your Customer Base

Learn how the CME Group increased their customer base by more than 50% using DataMine, an online data web store powered by the GOLD Platform. Due to the flexibility and modularity of the platform, the CME Group was able to provide their customers easy access to their historical, alternative, and analytical datasets.

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