TickSmith + Databricks - Automate Your Data Sales and Delivery Process

The Data E-Commerce Platform Powered by Databricks Delta Sharing

TickSmith, powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with Delta Sharing, enables data providers with the capabilities to create private or public data web stores to connect, unify, package, and deliver successful data products.


Data sharing is becoming more and more prominent, as it eliminates the need for data buyers to copy data, providing real-time access to the entitled data, in the secure and truest form that can be integrated with BI tools directly. Databricks’ Delta Sharing is an open protocol for secure real-time exchange of large datasets, which enables secure data sharing across products for the first time.

With the TickSmith/Databricks integration, firms can now easily create, package, and deliver data products in a unified environment. With Delta Sharing as the delivery channel, data providers have an easy way to distribute data internally and externally, all the while using the TickSmith interface to provide a frictionless data purchasing experience for partners, suppliers, and customers.

Manage your Delta Shares using TickSmith

Sharing your data becomes easier

Leveraging TickSmith’s user interface, data providers can easily create and manage their Delta Shares and recipients. This integration enables quicker access to data through automation of requesting and/or purchasing and tracking the customer fulfilment of the Delta Shares.

TickSmith mounts on top of Delta Sharing to provide non-technical users with a simple graphical user interface to manage data products.

B2B Data Exchange

Turn-key solution to commercialize your data

Databricks clients are looking for ways to commercialize and/or showcase their data products. TickSmith provides Databricks’ clients with a customized way to take data to market without having to build all these capabilities in-house. Creating a data exchange platform from scratch takes significant effort to build. Building capabilities for discovering, packaging, delivering, and commercializing data is cumbersome and expensive.

See it in action

Setting up a Delta Share Product in the 
TickSmith Web Store

Purchasing and Accessing a Delta Share Product in the TickSmith Web Store

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