Data Pooling Solution

Problem Statement Anonymously
Pool Data
Pool private OTC data such as bonds, interest rate swaps, and mortgage backed securities trades in order to lower capital risks and build new revenue streams.


Gain Insight

Increase data coverage with Data Pooling to exponentially generate value for multiple teams: risk and compliance team lower capital charges, data scientists can build new revenue streams, trading desk gets optimal pricing curves.

Remain Anonymous

A comprehensive entitlement system redacts sensitive data in the pooling process so that your OTC trades stay private.

Maintain Control

Members of the data pool maintain ownership of their data, determine the normalization rules and are privy to where and how it is accessed.

Stay Secure

In-flight and at-rest encryption ensures data security. Data cannot get erased or moved once in the pool. Data from pool contributors are infrastructurally segregated to ensure control remains with the contributor.

How It Works

01 | Partner

Contributors, i.e. financial institutions, that want to pool data together will create a consortium, association or partnership to undertake a data pooling enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. This entity is usually the one that will license our GOLD Platform.

02 | Pool

Contributors pool together anonymized OTC data from a variety of asset classes, such as; transaction data, prices, and committed quotes and industry composites, anonymized price ranges. The GOLD platform loads all the data into the system for extensive access and insights.

03 | Wrangle

Through normalization, data is transformed into pliable, usable file formats. Our GOLD platform standardizes the data through database combination, Big Data processing, query creation and built-in computations.

04 | Anonymize

The entitlement system redacts the sensitive slivers of data, allowing for privacy of shareholders and OTC trades.

05 | Derive

Derive price curves and modellable risk factors from high-quality price points to comply with FRTB regulations and lower your capital charges. Generate multiple revenue streams, create new products and datasets that can be sold to 3rd parties.

06 | Authorize

The entitlement system allows varying degrees of access to individual or group users. Each contributor has full control over of who sees what, and what they’re allowed to do with its data.

07 | Distribute

Distribute enhanced data, reports and new products to qualified users through preferred method; SFTP or S3 servers, web browser, a 3rd party provider, through API query/download or SFTP push.


Institutional Traders

To meet new compliance requirements, such as FRTB, you need to pool data from disparate desks, systems and even peers. To do so, you need a comprehensive, secure and scalable infrastructure like TickSmith's GOLD Platform.

Bank Consortiums

More banks are cooperating to meet costly compliance requirements such as FRTB. By pooling applicable data in a secure platform, you can reduce data cost and even resell content to the industry.


You want to pool all the data under your jurisdiction to access and analyze activity, do forensic research and creatively use AI and ML to find new insights. To gather and readily use petabytes of data you need a robust and hugely scalable platform.

TickSmith's Data Pooling Solution empowers six Canadian
banks to anonymously share data

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