Data Monetization Platform

Easily Monetize Your Data

Accelerate your firm’s data monetization initiatives, by offering your customers an Enterprise Data Web Store, where they can easily browse and purchase your data.

Data Doesn't Sell Itself

Unlock the full potential of your firm’s data without code. The Enterprise Data Web Store is designed to be operated by business users who need to get their data flowing online— and fast! Your firm’s data can be made instantly accessible to your customers through APIs and automated delivery tools. Our data monetization solution can be used by any firm looking for a private marketplace to sell data.


Data offerings that were not previously possible or complex to orchestrate are now made easy. Discover how our data web store currently helps leading exchanges diversify their offering and grow their revenue.

Alternative Data Providers

Start turning your geospatial data, mobile data, IoT data, satellite data, ESG data...from an abstract concept thatʼs hard to purchase from into a productized, cataloged, and easy to browse data web store.

Financial Institutions

The world’s leading financial institutions use the Data Enterprise Web Store to generate new revenue streams. A fast to launch solution that removes the complexities of data distribution.

Data Monetization - CME Datamine

Learn How CME Group Generated New Revenue Streams

CME Group, the second largest exchange group in the world, enlisted TickSmith to power CME DataMine, the online data web store that manages CME’s immense quantities of data for monetization.
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