Alternative Data Providers - Monetize Your Data

Commercialize Your Data to the Next Level

Cost-effectively turn your data into products making it as easy as shopping online. 

Whether you have geospatial data, energy data, mobile data, IoT data, weather data, satellite data, ESG data… there’s plenty of opportunities for investors to consume your alternative data products and unlock new insights. Usually these datasets are large, complex and come in from a variety of sources and formats, making it a challenge to distribute for monetization. Start turning your data from an abstract concept thatʼs hard to purchase into a productized, cataloged, and easy to browse online data web store.

Catalog Data for Monetization

Make Data Discovery Easy

Commercialize your unique data sets and provide a seamless data shopping experience that makes data discovery easy for your business teams, sales teams, and customers, increasing productivity and shortening your data sales cycle.

With the platform’s advanced features, your customers can query your data down to the field level and receive only the data they care about through various access methods.

Data Distribution Platform for Your Advanced Needs

Tailor Your Data Distribution Into a Robust Offering

Save time with a proven data distribution platform that comes with all the back-end functionality needed to get your data flowing. We work collaboratively with your innovation group and development team in order to get your data online as quickly as possible.

Turn Data into Products

The Data Revolution

Today’s economy is data-driven. Firms are increasingly producing massive quantities of data. Investors are looking to consume and extract this data to get new insights and refine trading strategies. Turn your alternative data into a revenue generating opportunity. The Enterprise Data Web Store solution ingests, normalizes, and catalogs your data which can be used to feed analytics and models.

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