Data Monetization

Platform Benefits

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The Data Sales platform can turn a multi-step, multi-week sales cycle into a single online session.

Having all your data in one place allows you to derive and define data sets in ways not previously possible.

The generic foundation that the Data Sales Platform is built on allows for go-live within months of contract.

The Data Sales Platform allows you to learn more about your customers through comprehensive auditing.

Platform Abilities


Your Clients

  • Configure

    Your Ingestion
    Your Products
    Your Catalog


    Your Look & Feel
    Your Information
    Your Offering


    As a Subscription
    Customized Packages


    What users buy
    What users download
    How users access it

  • Browse

    What Exists
    How Much Exists
    How to Use It


    What They Want
    How Much They Want
    How Often They Want It


    One Licensing
    One Payment
    One Process


    How They Want
    To Where They Want
    When They Want

Turnkey Solutions

01| Define

Our experts work with you to define and confirm how your firm can use the platform.

03 | Integrate

Use the available authentication and entitlement features or integrate with your internal or 3rd party licensing, billing, or authentication systems.

02 | Adapt

Catalogs, derived data, choice of delivery methods to your customers and more. Select what features you need to best monetize your data.

04 | Control

Once live, you will be able to continue to control and customize your store via configurations and audit your consumers’ usage of the system.

Platform Users


You produce the market data that fuels the financial world. Accumulating, and making all the historical data instantly available to users and clients requires a robust extremely scalable infrastructure.

Data Vendors

Distributing historical data at scale, regardless of the number of data sets or its size, requires a robust tools that will integrate with your infrastructure to simplify access to your users.

Trading Networks

Your networks carry the orders and trades that are the lifeblood of the industry. Accumulating and making all the historical data instantly available to users/clients requires a scalable infrastructure.