Transaction Cost Analytics

Over 150 industry recognized execution, benchmark and performance analytics and growing daily
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Solution Benefits


An extensible and highly customizable suite of TCA analytics that can be calibrated to your specific requirements.

Data Ownership

Retain ownership and control of your capital markets data and benefit from a turnkey analytics library deployed on our platform.


Available as a real time, intraday, or end of day batch solution offering.

Granular Elements

Granular level permissions enabling administrators to securely configure and distribute TCA data to their internal stakeholders and external clients.

How Does it Work?

Solution Users

Sell-Side Firms

Assess trader and algorithm performance for your execution services and adjust execution in near real time.

Compliance Departments

Attest to best execution on all orders and satisfy MIFID II regulatory obligations for RTS 27 & 28.

Buy-Side Firms

Access all underlying order and market data during execution interval in addition to daily performance metrics.

Account Managers

As a value added product to your buy-side clients atop your firm’s execution services.

TickSmith’s Analytics Platform provides fast post-trade TCA.

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