Enterprise Data Web Store - Unify

Expedite Your Sales Cycle

Turn a multi-step, multi-week sales cycle into a single online session.

Unify & Automate

In the Enterprise Data Web Store, your data is normalized to an existing model and is uploaded into the Data Catalog. Organize and create relationships between data products, data categories, and data files. Metadata tags can be assigned to data products to allow users to easily discover data. 

Ease of Integration

Unify All Your Data

Integrate your current data distribution systems to better facilitate the sale of your data. This removes the need for migration of that data, accelerating your time to market, and enabling speedy unification of all the distribution channels that your organization already supports.

Quicker Sales Process

Shorten Your Data Sales Cycle

Integrate your own billing and licensing system or an external one to provide a seamless user experience for data buyers when purchasing your data products.

Reporting and Analytics

Make Informed Business Decisions

Through monitoring usage and system metrics, you can track KPIs on which datasets are being accessed, the connection methods used, and the frequency of access. Uncover customer trends within your data to accelerate the creation of brand new products and meet those newly-discovered demands. 

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