Enterprise Data Web Store - Package

Expand Your Data Offering

Create new datasets for sale from the data you already produce.

Package Products

Create new data products, specialized reports, and analytics. Unify your data distribution and control permissions to your data at a granular level. Implement data governance policies down to cell level entitlements. In the Enterprise Data Web Store, your data is normalized to any desired model and is uploaded into the Data Catalog. You can perform advanced complex queries on the data during the ingestion process to create custom datasets and reports.

Meet customer expectations and earn trust

Take Advantage of Huge Volumes of Data

Your customers expect high quality data to be delivered on time. The Enterprise Data Web Store is designed to provide a unified approach to data integration, transformation, and mapping with validation checks to ensure your data is trustworthy. You will be able to manipulate huge data sets effectively and deliver it to your customer in a timely manner respecting SLAs.

New Revenue Streams

Supercharge Your Offer

The highly flexible data transformation engine allows you to perform advanced manipulations of your data to create new data sets, data products, reports and analytics from your existing data.
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