Enterprise Data Web Store - Monetize

Grow Your Business

Get insight into how to evolve your data offering in the future.

Monetize & Distribute Data

The whitelabeled Enterprise Data Web Store enables your customers to easily browse and purchase data products. For firms wanting to build their own front-end, the platform offers a complete set of APIs around data discovery/browsing, data orders, and data pricing. The Enterprise Data Web Store can be integrated with your own contract and billing management system, identity provider (SSO) and external alerting/log management system.

Connect Your Business Tools

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Systems

The processing flows are also customizable, allowing for multiple steps and integration points with other systems. All configurations of the pipelines are done through APIs and can be self-managed.

Great Customer Experience

Fully Customizable Distribution

Let your data buyers configure how they want to receive the data. They can manage their data delivery options themselves by file access/download via cloud storage, web browser, SFTP or APIs.
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