Enterprise Data Web Store - Connect

Accelerate Your Time To Market

Go-live with your own customized data web store within weeks. 

Connect & Ingest Your Data

Upload your data via cloud tools such as AWS S3 transfer or SFTP transfer into the Enterprise Data Web Store. Files are then scanned for the presence of virus or malware before being ingested. Once ingested, the data is connected to the relevant data products for purchase and distribution.

Faster Data Ingestion

Easily Connect Your Data

Add data to your store by leveraging the self-service product management screens and APIs to quickly add new datasets for sale in minutes. 

Automate in Seconds

Make Data Discovery Easy

Organize your data into the catalog and create relationships between data products, data categories, and data files. Attach metadata to data products to assist your data buyers with data discovery. You can automate data descriptions and availability in the store.

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