Commercialize and Distribute Data

Enterprise Data Web Store

Gives you the tools you need to start selling data and manage your data-selling business.

Data Monetization

Turn Your Data Into a Valuable Asset

We know that your firm has a lot of data, and we expect that you are looking at ways to generate revenue from it, similar to leading institutions worldwide, including many of your peers. What if you could cost-effectively turn your data into a valuable asset? Start turning your data from an abstract concept thatʼs hard to purchase into a productized, cataloged, and easy to browse data web store.

E-Commerce Datasets

What is a
'Data Web Store'?

As its name implies, it’s an online store similar to any popular shopping website (such as Amazon), that presents and monetizes data. It includes all the tools needed to create data products from your data, to facilitate transactions, to deliver the data and data updates, to your data buyers.

Fully Control Your Brand – Sell Your Data And/Or Resell Third-Party Data

Create Your Personalized Marketplace

For data providers with mission critical business models, selling a lot of data on a public marketplace is costly and inflexible. By creating your personalized marketplace using the platform, you can commercialize your unique datasets under your firm’s brand and resell data from your partners and/or other providers as well. You decide what data you want to promote, what package-specific data products you want to push, and enables you to develop a more direct relationship with data buyers and end-users.

How Does It Work ?

Connect, unify, package and monetize your data effortlessly


Connect and ingest your data without code.


Unify your data and create custom data sets.


Package your data into products and categories.


Deliver your data to buyers exactly as they want it.

Advantages and Benefits

Experience the Benefits of the Enterprise Data Web Store

Accelerate Time to Market

Go-live with your own customized data web store within weeks. Leverage the data catalog builder to quickly set up new products for sale.

Expedite Your Sales Cycle

Turn a multi-step, multi-week sales cycle into a single online session. Put data browsing into the hands of your customers, allowing them to easily find the data they are looking for.

Expand Your Data Offering

Create new data sets for sale from the data you already produce. Provide new data services that enable your customers to interact with your data in new ways.

Grow Your Business

Learn which of your data products and services your customers care about most and get insight into how to evolve your data offering in the future.

Scalability & Reliability  

Scale With Your Growth

Let us provide you with some building blocks. The modular platform that powers the Enterprise Data Web Store provides you with the flexibility to pick and choose which features and functionalities you need to make your solution as comprehensive as possible without major commitment.

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