Why TickSmith?

Big data technology is proving to be the best way forward for capital markets that want to have a next-generation platform to manage their massive amounts of data.


Pain points that need a solution


Big data technology is hard to master; and requires a lot of time and money to future proof.


Not many big data software solution providers are adaptable to changing needs.

So much DATA

Your firm has growing data to go through and less time, leaving insightful analytics untapped.

To Build or to Buy?

Off-the-shelf software solutions are ideal because they’re fast and affordable. At the same time, they lack the needed customization for day-to-day operations.

Financial enterprises need a software infrastructure that is scalable and easily adaptable. Organizations must be conscientious of investing in building proprietary software, as it will have a severe impact on time, costs, and it may be difficult to find the required expertise to build.

Time is Money

Technology continues to evolve. When the infrastructure breaks, becomes outdated or needs to be scaled up, it creates another problem that distracts data scientists who analyze data sets.

Data scientists are spending the majority of their time on low-value, high-effort tasks. To be more specific, it was reported that 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent on data wrangling, data preparation, and data cleaning. 57% of data scientists noted that it was their least favourite task. 

Project Timelines

Building a big data infrastructure requires mastering a whole new set of technologies, methods, and programming languages. While this may be appealing for some technologists who see this as an opportunity to learn cool new technology, it will affect the platform availability timeline and can needlessly multiply costs.

Additionally, in the time it takes to build this new technology, incoming large amounts of unmanaged data will grow and become harder to process for use.

The platform is built for the cloud so you can scale instantly

Businesses need to have software architected for the cloud to benefit from the huge cost savings and less maintenance from a cloud-based infrastructure. 

TickSmith’s out-of-the-box platform scales instantly and indefinitely, manages petabytes of data securely, and is optimized for full efficiency. 


The advantage of working with TickSmith is that you are still very much in control of what your end product will look like, without the costs and time that are required when building an in-house platform.


TickSmith's platform is ready-to-go and you can have it up and running in your infrastructure within weeks.

Future proof

The platform is future-proof because it scales and continues to evolve using the latest big data technologies.


The platform is modular with functionalities that pivot around your business needs and future use cases.

Expert knowledge

We have an experienced and talented team that can adapt the platform to fit your current and future needs.

Build add-ons

Work with your in-house developers to build add-ons on top of the modular platform.

Data ingestion

The platform does all the data wrangling, data preparation, data cleaning without replacing the current infrastructure.

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