Our GOLD software platform is crucial in today’s data-driven economy. GOLD– an acronym for gather, organize, leverage and distribute– is a modular, end-to-end data management solution optimized for the cloud. Simplified end-to-end data pipelines


Securely pool, validate and clean data regardless of format, source and size 

Ingest real-time data

Manage with stream connectors and/or batch files

Clean, validate and standardize your data

Leverage our low code ETL

Centralize any number of files to the cloud

Link downstream services regardless of size, format, and source



Structure and tag your data into a customized catalog to simplify discovery

Standardize data models

Harmonize all types of capital markets data, from private transactional data to reference data

Create and manage your own data catalog

Centralize datasets for all your users and systems

Label catalog items with descriptive metadata

Enable data discovery and facilitate access


Harness the power of your data to create new value streams for your users

Derive analytics to power your business strategies

Train and test your models and/or produce metrics to assess performance

Meet regulatory requirements

Use our prebuilt engines (e.g. TCA and FRTB) or use your own proprietary one

Slice and dice your data to improve usability

Turn files into multiple outputs in minutes



Deliver data to users and systems efficiently with governance and control

Easily integrate with downstream systems

Provision original, normalized, and derived data to end users and systems within seconds

Make informed business decisions through usage and system metrics

Track KPIs on which datasets are being accessed, the connection methods used, and the frequency of access

Control permission to data at a granular level

Implement data governance policies down to cell level entitlements

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