Security & Deployment

Secure, Flexible and Fast to Launch

TickSmith’s secure and cost-effective platform is built to support your growth and changing business needs. Easy to launch, you can be selling data in a matter of weeks.

Currently enabling the world’s leading exchanges and financial institutions to generate new revenue streams and increase their customer base, the Enterprise Data Web Store provides a proven, secure, end-to-end solution that removes the complexity of selling and buying data.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

The platform is built with top-of-mind security and includes a multitude of features such as data encryption in flight and at rest. We use leading cloud technologies and third-party firms who specialize in security so that our clients can rest assured that their data is thoroughly protected.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Single-Tenant SaaS Solution

TickSmith’s platform is designed and optimized to run on AWS and deployed in its own dedicated environment. Scale without crashing, no limit, no downtime and no worries.

Designed and optimized to run on AWS

We call it Single-Tenant SaaS because the platform is deployed in a dedicated environment and is managed as a service. It runs isolated on its own AWS Organization unit that is not shared. Your data will only be accessible by you and your clients. The secure platform leverages high availability and on-demand capacity to provide the lowest infrastructure costs possible.

Adaptable to your infrastructure

Topology can be adapted to your infrastructure requirements to meet your goals for performance, storage, high availability, concurrent usage and security.

TickSmith is an advanced AWS Technology Partner

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