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Build the right solution for your use case, powered by TickSmith's GOLD Technology.

The GOLD Platform is our core software foundation that powers all of our solutions. Simply pick and choose modules and APIs to create the perfect data management platform solution for your use case.

Slide Virtual SFTP
Direct to S3 Uploader Real-time Stream Manager Custom Ingress Schema Mapping Subsets of Data Enhanced Data Custom Analytics
Time Series Derived Datasets
TCA Data Inventory & Catalog
Advanced Insights Book Replay Data Pooling FRTB Modellability Web Portal Access Access & Identity Management Query API Audit Logs REST API External Contract and Billing Mgmt Interface Python API S3 to S3 External Authentication Interface SFTP Web Data Store Parquet/ ODBC/ JDBC Original Data


This module allows your internal or external users/systems to upload data into the platform via SFTP transfer.

Direct to S3 Uploader

This module allows you to upload data directly to an S3 Bucket for the platform to detect.

real-time stream manager

This module connects to a stream and purges the data to storage using predefined intervals.

custom ingress

TickSmith will work with customers to support additional data ingestion methods to fit use-cases that are not readily available on the platform.

original data

The platform will store an original copy of the data in S3 storage.

schema mapping

This module will use TickSmith’s ETL to normalize the data to an existing or proprietary data model.

subsets of data

This module will slice-up and create predefined subsets of existing datasets.

enhanced data

This module will transform raw data and provide further data validations.

data inventory & catalog

This module is responsible for organizing and creating relationships between data products, data categories, and data files.  Metadata tags are stored within the catalog allowing users to discover data easily. 

custom analytics

Following consultation and documentation, TickSmith can configure the platform to generate custom analytics based on the ingested data.

derived datasets

This module is responsible for generating additional market data products including Open, High, Low, Close, Volume roll-ups when applicable.

time series

In this module, processing tasks are defined to produce time series data for events containing timestamps.

TCA/best execution

Data from private order and execution logs will be matched with public market data and calculation tasks will be performed to produce over 180 out-of-box metrics.

Book Replay

Book Replay indexes market data to allow users to access point in time views of market depth on instruments traded across multiple venues.

advanced insights

Advanced Insights are analytics designed to help understand market participant and ECN performance, by calculating figures including BBO presence, average volumes, scope of trading, SIP ranking models, and more.

data pooling

TickSmith’s Data Pooling module redacts data from certain users based on their privileges and entitlements.

frtb modelability

This module is responsible for calculating whether or not financial instruments meet the FRTB modelability rules as stated by regulators.

Access & Identity Management

This module manages user authentication and authorization through user registration and entitlements which can be controlled by an admin user interface tool or through the platform’s APIs.

Web Portal Access

This module provides users with the ability to view the contents of the data using a web browser.

Query-Based REST API

TickSmith offers a simple yet powerful REST API to query normalized data and analytics using filters defined within the data model.

File-Based REST API

TickSmith offers a simple yet powerful REST API to query normalized data and analytics using filters defined within the data model.

Audit Logs

Audit logs will be generated which will track all user interactions with the platform.

External Authentication Interface

The platform can connect to existing Single Sign-On (SSO) systems allowing users to maintain credentials within existing systems.

Python API

The Python Client provides programmatic access to normalized data and analytics using filters defined within the data model.


This module allows end users to access and download data products via a virtual SFTP endpoint.

Contract & Billing Management Interface

Used in platforms for Data Monetization, this module will connect to an external contract and/or billing system such as DataBP for a seamless user experience when purchasing data products.

S3 Transfer

This module allows users to configure an S3 bucket policy in which data will be transferred, providing a cloud-based delivery service.

Web Data Store

TickSmith can configure its whitelabeled front end web store which enables customers to browse and purchase data products.  The platform offers a complete set of APIs around data discovery/browsing, data orders, and data pricing which can be used to build your own front end.

Parquet/ODBC/JDBC Access

As part of the Schema Mapping module, TickSmith will generate partition files consisting of normalized data.  Direct access to the parquet files can be made available to users and can be queried using ODBC/JDBC drivers.

Powered by GOLD

The GOLD Platform consolidates petabytes of data in one centralized place and makes it easily accessible to end users, regardless of the number or size of data sets.

GOLD does all the data wrangling, data preparation and data cleaning without replacing your current infrastructure.

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