Data Monetization and Data Distribution Platform

Expand Your Data Offering with Key Features

Explore additional tools to find the best solutions for your data distribution and monetization needs.

As data volumes continue to increase significantly, so do the number of data locations and sources. Businesses find it challenging to manage it all and ensure that everyone is relying on the same accurate and organized data. Having a variety of ways to access this data is essential in achieving business objectives such as generating new revenue streams or improving productivity. As volumes of data continuously grow, the GOLD Platform’s key features can optimize data discovery and orchestrate a better distribution of data.

Smart Data Organization

Granular Data Catalog

The Granular Data Catalog gives you the flexibility to create a single, unified source for your datasets providing quicker data discovery, classification, categorization, and in turn, facilitating the sale and distribution of your data. 

Commercialization teams will be able to better package and bundle multiple products together. The Granular Data Catalog enables both internal and external users to easily browse and find the data products they are looking for.

Simplify the Data Distribution of Large Datasets

Personalized Data Cut

Your data tailored to how your customers want. Our studies demonstrate that many of your users struggle to manage complex and large datasets. By providing them a tool to slice and dice your data, they will save on time, complexity, and costs. 

Increase their productivity and optimize cloud infrastructure costs by activating the platform’s Personalized Data Cut tool. Allow your users to build custom views, download specific fields and/or key elements, and get only the data they need instead of the whole dataset.

Advanced Access Method to Extract Your Data

Query API

Query API is a synchronous REST API that allows you to filter your data based on your desired parameters. By leveraging the REST API, data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and developers can now access your data in a practical way to feed their systems.

By extracting and integrating queried data in their own systems, users can fuel a variety of use cases from building machine learning algorithms, performing analytics, to building dashboards using external tools including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Python, etc.

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