When mountains meet clouds.

Optimized for AWS Deployment

TickSmith’s GOLD Platform is designed and optimized to run on AWS. Deployed in customer’s AWS instances, the secure platform leverages high availability and on-demand capacity to provide the lowest infrastructure costs possible.

Topology can be adapted to your infrastructure requirements to meet your goals for performance, storage, high availability and concurrent usage.

  • Decouples compute and storage
  • Takes advantage of low cost S3 storage and on-demand computing
  • Capacity driven by infrastructure
  • Auto-Scale In/Out during peak usage
  • Disaster recovery across regions

TickSmith is an AWS Technology Partner

The GOLD Platform is built for the cloud so you can scale instantly

Businesses need to have software architected for the cloud to benefit from the huge cost savings and less maintenance from a cloud-based infrastructure. 

Our out-of-the-box GOLD Platform scales instantly & indefinitely, manages petabytes of data securely, and is optimized for full efficiency. 

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