Our Platform is made for Big Data

Your data on your infrastructure

Abstract Data Engineering

Normalizes structured and unstructured data into common formats and ensures that the data feeding into your systems is of the highest quality and usability. This greatly reduce the time needed to plan and perform analytics, compliance calculations, or machine learning.

Secure & Built for Capital Markets

Designed to run securely in your infrastructure, and optimized for cloud deployment, the GOLD Platform is used to manage both public and private data. Trusted by Exchanges and Banks since 2013.

Complete Stack, Completely Modular

Add various stand-alone modules to the GOLD Platform. You and your firm have the ability to pick and choose what you deem is necessary and integrate those parts into your infrastructure.

Future Proof

Engineered with big data technology to be flexible, secure, and is scalable. Designed to easily interact with your users, analytical/AI/machine learning and BI tools.

Powered by Big Data Technologies

Data Lake

Our core platform, GOLD, is elastic and uses autoscaling in order to optimize compute/processing time while minimizing infrastructure costs. It can also leverage use object storage in a highly secure configuration and decouple storage from processing. Clients also benefit from our recognized cloud expertise to find the right balance between cost and performance.

Scalability, volume, velocity and variety

The GOLD Platform is built using advanced technologies including Spark and Kafka. We have the experience and knowledge to mix-and-match technologies and modules as appropriate, and we continuously advance and evolve the platform to ensure it remains on the cutting edge.

Our Modular Approach

Add modules and APIs to create an ideal end-to-end solution for your use case

Robust Data Ingestion & Distribution
We recognized the need for robust data ingestion and distribution mechanisms for various use cases. Whether your firm needs to ingest 3rd party data and distribute it to users internally, sell data to external parties, pool and analyze like-data from multiple sources, or distribute TCA reports to a client, your end user will have a variety of different delivery options.
Data Access Methods
Data is available via Web Purchasing Store, Web Visualization Portal, File Browser, REST and Python APIs, Virtual SFTP, or S3 to S3 transfer.
Capital Market Analytics
Along with storing an original copy of the source data, the Analytics Solution can create derived datasets from market data sources. Whether your market data is Market By Price or Market By Order, our solution can create analytics rollups based on a configurable time interval.
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