Data Distribution Platform

Don't Reinvent the Wheel... Build on Top of Our Platform Instead!

The world’s leading exchanges and financial institutions use our platform to generate new revenue streams and increase their customer base. A proven, secure and fast to launch solution that removes the complexities of data distribution. 

Save time with a proven data distribution platform that comes with all the back-end functionality needed to get your data flowing. The out-of-the-box Enterprise Data Web Store comes fully packaged as an end-to-end solution for you to simply white-label and monetize data effectively. Or build on top of the base GOLD platform, adding the necessary tools and modules to develop a customized front-end solution for your data selling needs. Whatever your use case, TickSmith has the tools and technology that will distribute your data online as quickly as possible.

GOLD, an acronym for Gather-Organize-Leverage-Distribute, is a modular and flexible solution that removes the complexities of data integration and data distribution.


Securely ingests, validates and distributes data regardless of format, source and size

Connect your data

Source data from anywhere such as Databricks, Snowflake, AWS S3, Impala, Presto and more

Validate and standardize your data

Leverage our ETL without code

Centralize any number of files to the cloud

Link downstream services regardless of size, format, and source



Structure and tag your data into a customized catalog to simplify discovery

Standardize data models

Harmonize all types of capital markets data, from private transactional data to reference data

Create and manage your own data catalog

Centralize datasets for all your users and systems

Label catalog items with descriptive metadata

Enable data discovery and facilitate access


Harness the power of your data to create new value streams for your users

Derive analytics to power your business strategies

Train and test your models and/or produce metrics to assess performance

Meet regulatory requirements

Use our prebuilt engines (e.g. FRTB) or use your own proprietary one

Slice and dice your data to improve usability

Turn files into multiple outputs in minutes



Deliver data to users and systems efficiently with governance and control

Easily integrate with downstream systems

Provision original, normalized, and derived data to end users and systems within seconds

Make informed business decisions through usage and system metrics

Track KPIs on which datasets are being accessed, the connection methods used, and the frequency of access

Control permission to data at a granular level

Implement data governance policies down to cell level entitlements

The platform is built for the cloud so you can scale instantly

Businesses need to have software architected for the cloud to benefit from the huge cost savings and less maintenance from a cloud-based infrastructure. 

Our out-of-the-box GOLD platform scales instantly and indefinitely, manages petabytes of data securely, and is optimized for full efficiency. 

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