JWG RegTech 2018 Conference Recap

We exhibited at the JWG 2018 RegTech conference last week. The audience included more than 200 senior-level attendees from top-tier banks and buy-side firms. All these executives came to the conference to learn more on how they can meet regulatory compliance and wanted more information on where to focus their efforts.

It was an insightful event in which many companies such RegTek Solutions, Barclays, Illuminate Financial, and many other industry players spoke on the subject of coping with the pace/volume of regulatory change as well as looking ahead at upcoming regulations to identify threats and opportunities for new RegTech projects.

So, where do we stand in all of this?

Our platform helps financial institutions meet a wide range of compliance issues by providing a next-generation Big Data Lake Platform. The open nature of our platform makes it easier than ever for users and partners to build and configure solutions to various use cases. Deployed on premise or on cloud, our platform is ideal for processing and analyzing large magnitudes of sensitive data required for compliance regulations (such as MiFID II, FRTB, risk management etc.)

What do all compliance requirements have in common?

They require a future-proof infrastructure that can ingest massive amounts of sensitive data into a single repository. Regardless of what the future holds for regulatory bodies and despite major compliance changes, the core problem remains the same. How to ingest large quantities of financial data so that analytics/reports can be performed and data science tools can be integrated? That is the ultimate pain point that we solve. Once you have a solid data infrastructure, you can rest assured that any current and future compliance regulations will be easy to meet. Data never goes out of “fashion” and a need to centralize financial data is rapidly growing and will only continually do so.

Why does our solution set us apart?

Our solution scales and continues to evolve using the latest big data technologies. As our TickVault* platform is modular, it gives you the luxury of picking and choosing what aspects of the platform you would like without having to subscribe to the entire platform. Some of our modules include: FRTB Modellability, trade reporting, advanced analytics, and book replay which is a point-in-time market depth consolidation. Being able to ingest and normalize large datasets, allows TickVault* to easily generate RTS 27/28 reports, provide a public portal for data queries, and produce timestamp validation methods. TickVault* can also aggregate multiple asset classes as well as corporate bonds, repurchase agreements, overnight interest rate swap data, amongst others.

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform

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