The Data Behind The Data

Data is gold in a time of crisis; it shines a realistic light to the current situation and collectively influences our personal views and decisions.

During these times, data management is ever more crucial. Data provides a clearer path through the unknown. Whether it’s historical data or data from the present, data gives us the most reasonable view on matters and helps us to take the most beneficial action necessary.

In regards to financial data, it’s clear to see that this is a unique time in history. Current market conditions are causing people to shift their positions. The uncertainty of these times has led to higher trade activities, thus the markets have seen more data being processed in the last few weeks.

Some stock exchanges have had a hard time keeping up with the increase in volume of data. Our core software platform, GOLD, is currently deployed at tier-1 financial institutions, and is built to manage and handle this additional amount of data. Our GOLD platform is currently processing the activity for all exchanges globally, which averages to about 80 trillion rows of data processed every day.

Our four solutions are geared to help you manage data at scale and have proven to be successful at handling data during turbulent financial times. During this crisis, we continue to work hard, knowing that this event will further evolve the resiliency of our technology.

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