Our Solution for the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

The FRTB Overview

2022 Deadline

The final Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) FRTB rules outlined in January 2019 are anticipated to take effect January 2022.


FRTB strengthens liquidity requirements and with it more data is needed to be compliant with valuing these complex financial instruments.


FRTB ensures firms look at all the individual trades from at least the past year of each financial instrument to ensure accurate granular prices.


FRTB requirements from the Basel Committee are centered around proactive measures to ensure another financial crisis doesn’t occur.

How TickSmith Can Help

Pooling Your Data

A variety of OTC data are ingested in different asset classes ranging from Bond to Swap instruments to ensure that they could all be managed as enormous pools of data.

Normalization At Scale

Our GOLD Platform normalizes the OTC data, processes aggregate statistics, exposes granular queries on the data via APIs, and most importantly, calculates modellability reports.

Robust Processing

Statistics as well as the modellability of instruments are precalculated with parallel computation enabling fast queries on a user interface or with an API for users who want programmatic access to the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

By January 2022, banks will have to be able to extract data from multiple sources, consolidate it, and make that data usable. For example: calculating non-modellable risk factors.

Data pooling helps banks with FRTB by getting multiple banks aboard, taking in all their private trade data, pooling it, anonymizing the sets, and creating reports to increase the modellability of instruments that each individual bank can trade. 

The security system of the GOLD Platform for data pooling has reached the top level of AWS security standards including encryption at-rest and in-flight. 

Yes, we have implemented our GOLD Platform technology with CanDeal, who represents the top six Canadian banks including: BMO, Scotiabank, CIBC, RBC, TD, and National Bank of Canada. 

"The regulatory capital savings could be in the billions of dollars, so that makes the banks more efficient, and delivers meaningful cost savings."
Andre Craig
head of DataVault Innovations at CanDeal

FRTB Resources

Data Pooling Booklet

Download our booklet that walks you through how our data management works. 

FRTB White Paper

Regulatory frameworks such as Basel III are set to transform many aspects of how financial institutions operate. As effective data management will be able to address an almost infinite array of business needs, this white-paper will tackle the FRTB or ‘Minimum capital requirements for market risk’ component within Basel III.

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