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TickSmith Turns Five Today: Milestones

We are celebrating our five year anniversary today and are taking some time to look back at all that we have achieved as well as all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of us. We incorporated on this day in 2012 and started out in Montreal with the four founders.

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TickSmith Launches its Marketplace Advanced Insights Module

TickSmith, a leader in Big Data applications for the Capital Markets and financial services, today announced the launch of a new TickVault module. “Marketplace Advanced Insights” is designed to help market participants better understand how they are performing, how their peers are behaving, and how they can adjust their strategies.

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MiFID II Best Execution Compliance Webinar

MiFID II regulation on the horizon means financial organisations will need to adhere to the requirements by 3 January 2018. That date may appear to be a long way off, yet the challenge is that traditional systems and approaches are either inadequate or will require tremendous investment in order to meet the regulatory demands. For many organisations, this is just one of the projects vying for resources and budget when it comes to fundamental digital business transformation around data as a whole.

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TickSmith Adds File Inventory Module to Its Award-Winning Data Management Platform

Large financial data producers and consumers such as exchanges and trading groups already use TickVault to accumulate, centralize, analyze and distribute Terabytes and Petabytes of brokerage data. In its standard configuration, TickVault normalizes and combines data from various sources, runs out-of-the box and custom analytics and provides web storefronts and self-service portals to employees and users as well as seamless integration with in-house applications through Rest APIs.

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