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Thomson Reuters

TickSmith’s TickVault Platform is compatible with Thomson Reuters Tick History, providing the buy side community an in-house solution to manage this data in its entirety through one single interface.

To demonstrate the platform compatibility, TickSmith has launched a demonstration portal at


DataBP, is a provider of enterprise SaaS technology suite and services for market data administration and business processes. Its services include Data Product Administration with proprietary software and services for operating a data business. DataBP also offers Redistributor Admin, a solution providing vendor of record, compliance, onboarding and reporting for data distributors. More information at

Interface between TickVault financial big data platform and DataBP advanced billing and contract management provides simplified managed access to licensable financial data.


Exegy provides managed services and technology for the normalization and distribution of low-latency market data to the financial services industry. Exegy serves as a strategic partner to leading exchange and ATS operators, market makers, sell-side banks, buy-side asset managers, and proprietary traders. At the heart of Exegy’s product line are purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliances derived from an extensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending technology.

Exegy and Ticksmith have partnered so that Exegy’s market data is captured by TickVault. The data can then be used to drive the powerful set of analytics provided by TickVault, including an event-by-event reproduction of depth-of-market book views.

Butor Inc.

Butor is a back-end and front-end specialist that has created a comprehensive and flexible framework and platform from open-source components. Butor’s framework combined with its support and development expertise allows firms to rapidly implement transactional web applications.


TickSmith is a member of the Financial Information Services Association of SIIA, a global non-profit industry forum that has served the financial information industry for 25 years. Industry stakeholders support FISD as the forum of choice to identify and resolve the business and technical issues that affect the administration, distribution and utilization of financial information.

Risk Focus

Risk Focus specializes in delivering custom technical solutions such as cloud, trade reporting, and risk solutions to the global Capital Markets.


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