Large financial data producers and consumers such as exchanges and trading groups already use TickVault to accumulate, centralize, analyze and distribute Terabytes and Petabytes of brokerage data. In its standard configuration, TickVault normalizes and combines data from various sources, runs out-of-the box and custom analytics and provides web storefronts and self-service portals to employees and users as well as seamless integration with in-house applications through Rest APIs.

TickSmith’s Big Data management platform, TickVault, was recently implemented for use by National Bank of Canada. Based on Hadoop technology, TickVault accumulates and rebuilds all Canadian stock trading activity and is used for post-trade analysis and back testing.

TickSmith’s TickVault Platform has earned the fast-growing firm the inaugural Innovators Award from FIA. Walt Lukken, CEO of FIA, the world’s leading trade organization for the futures, options, and cleared swaps markets, presented the award to TickSmith CEO Francis Wenzel at the recent FIA Expo in Chicago.

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