Build vs. Buy: When it becomes obvious

By Emilie Katavic We’ve all heard it. It’s the age old ‘build vs. buy’ software debate. You (assuming you are a financial institution or a market maker) have a great challenge of deciding whether you should save money with a ready-to-go solution or invest in a costly and time-consuming yet customizable option. You [...]

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2017 Canada FinTech Forum Recap

By Emilie Katavic We had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 2017 Canada FinTech Forum. The conference is held annually by Finance Montreal and if you were not sure about attending or could not make it this year, we’ve got you covered!  It was a success and their biggest conference yet [...]

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Make Shared Data the Cornerstone of your Architecture for FRTB

By Emilie Katavic & David Côté Calling all trading firms and banks... we’re here to help! As the Fundamental review of the trading book (FRTB) implementation deadline is drawing closer (December 31, 2019 to be exact), it is important for banks to understand what technological and business strategies they need to change in [...]

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Transaction Cost Analysis: A TickSmith Breakdown

By Jimmy Huang For professional traders a surefire way to increase profitability is to decrease transaction costs. Management expense ratios or commission fees are examples of important explicit costs to take into account. These costs are fixed and involve relatively straightforward numbers. The difficulty lies in mitigating the implicit market impact and timing [...]

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How to get started with TickVault’s Python API

By Bogdan Istrate Big Data: everyone talks about it, but few know how to leverage it for a competitive advantage. At TickSmith, we live and breathe Big Data, and we know that easy access to the wealth of data created every day is every bit as important as the processing done on it. That's [...]

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