2012 - The Expedition Starts

It all started when our four founders were frustrated by the length of time to get things done and the limitations of legacy technology used by most firms in Capital Markets. In November 2012, they joined forces to start TickSmith. The problem they wanted to solve was actually quite simple to define: Financial institutions are accumulating massive amounts of data that is scattered all over the place and key insights were hidden in the unused data.

2013 - 2014 First Summits

Our founders tackled the problem head on using their expertise in the financial industry, their technical expertise and new big data technology such as Hadoop and its ecosystem. The first version of our platform had to manage a data set comprised of 6 years of all trades on all instruments and asset classes traded on all exchanges globally! Version 1 was out in July of 2013 and paying customers started using it in 2014. By the end of the year we also had a first version of our technology adapted for deployment to AWS.

2015 - Awards and More Peaks

In 2015 we partnered with Chi-X Canada and jointly launched a historical data portal, the first such solution to deliver comprehensive historical intraday data. It was a great showcase for our product capabilities and we were shortlisted for an Inside Market Data Award. In October TickSmith was recognized at the 2015 FinTech Montreal conference and named winner and best new discovery. In November, at the annual Futures and Options Expo in Chicago, the FIA presented us with an Innovator Award for Best New Hadoop-Based Platform for Management of Brokerage Data.

2016 - Newer and Bigger Mountains

In 2016 we announced that our platforms were implemented at two prestigious firms. CME Group runs our Data Monetization Platform and uses it to manage and monetize all the data created by all of their exchanges, together with alternative data from a number of third-party firms. You can take a look on the CME web site. National Bank of Canada, more specifically their Global Equity Derivatives Group, is a leader in market-making of exchange-traded securities. Core to the bank’s trading and market making activities, our Analytics Platform accumulates and rebuilds all Canadian stock trading activity and is used for post-trade analysis and backtesting with queries executed in seconds instead of days. In 2016 we tackled MiFiD II Best Execution Compliance and also demonstrated our Internal Data Distribution Platform working with tick history from Thomson Reuters.

2017 - Funding A Bigger Base

2017 saw a number of new features to our platform, including Python APIs for the benefit of data scientists, and the Advanced Insights module for our Analytics Platform. It also brought new clients, a bigger presence in New York and new offices in Toronto and London. In July we announced a strategic investment from Illuminate Financial Management LLP, a venture capital firm with a specific focus on capital markets financial technology.

2018 - Data Mountaineers Join

As more clients adopted our platforms, more data mountaineers joined our adventure. Of course, we recalled our founders experience with “old school” ways  and decided to steer clear of that when creating the company culture. With a new 10,646 square feet office on trendy boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal we are attracting interesting talent from across the globe (our offices may as well be the United Nations)!

In 2018 we also helped customers connect their AI and Machine Learning applications to our platforms and our expertise working with clouds was recognized by Amazon who named us Advanced Technology Partner, Financial Services Competency.

Present - Two Peaks Ahead

We have always been two steps ahead. With our technology, company culture, and general mission. That is where our true value lies. We were talking about big data technology before it was mainstream, you can count on the fact that while everyone is catching up, we will be thinking up something even more innovative.

Our Logo Origins

The TickSmith name captures the power and skill of the craftmen who have to work with a difficult medium. Big Data, like many metals, can be precious and becomes even more valuable when it is crafted into useful objects. 

Our Headquarters are in Montreal

Our head office is located in Montreal, right next to the famous Mont Royal. We believe that mountains represent the challenges that those in the Capital Markets industry face. We see ourselves as the data mountaineers trying to help you reach your summit.

We also have offices in these great places!

New York City
21 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, USA
London, UK
85 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3HY
105 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1G6
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