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Transform massive data and analytics into usable content and insight

From Weeks to Hours

“Post-trade analysis used to take weeks but since relying on TickVault and AWS, we can look at both current and historical data in just a few hours.”

-Pascal Bergeron, Director of Algorithmic Trading National Bank of Canada

80% More Insights

“TickVault helped DXC Fixnetix leverage analytics and data science capabilities to quickly implement an Azure platform, ingest marketplace data, and develop use case algorithms within.”

-Thomas B. Demchak, Banking & Capital Markets Technologist DXC Technology

Ingest terabytes to petabytes

“Working with TickSmith allows us to deliver data that goes back to the 1970s, cost-effectively. With TickVault, our clients now have a simple way to access the data they need.”

-Craig Mohan, Managing Director of Market Technology CME Group

What can you achieve with TickVault?

The open nature of TickVault makes it easier than ever for users and partners to build and configure solutions for various use cases. Our platform integrates within your existing infrastructure to make shared data the center of your architecture. Take a Big Data approach to managing your data: deploy on premise, on cloud, or both.

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 Self-serve data management

 Future-proof data lake

 Secure and manageable workflow

 Continuous analytics

 Easy-to-use visualizations

A solution for financial institutions

Explore your data in deeper and greater context


Easily store, sell and distribute valuable historical data in a fully customized storefront/online webstore

Data Vendors

Accumulate and manage Terabytes to Petabytes of structured and unstructured data

Hedge Funds

Centralize alternative data and leverage valuable intelligence by facilitating data mining and foreseeing trends

Trading Desks

Automate low-value, high-effort tasks like data preparation in order to focus on in-house, custom, backtesting and predictive analytics

Trading Networks

Centralize your data for better analytics and add a number of value-add services to your offerings

Regulators & SROs

Effectively manage and analyze mountains of financial data for market surveillance, investigation, enforcement, and more

Risk Departments

Accumulate data in a single repository and engineer the data so that strict rules around market risk regulations are easy to meet

Custodian Banks

Normalize portfolio data and positions to provide more comprehensive analytics, strengthen client relationships and provide more features

Compliance Groups

Facilitate market data collection, data quality, and reporting in order to easily meet current and future compliance regulations such as MiFID, FRTB, etc.

Data Scientists

Run machine learning and AI algorithms more efficiently with transformed and engineered data in order to better understand clientele

Chief Data Officers

Consolidate data that is stored across many silos throughout the firm and create a future proof data management infrastructure

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