Enterprise Data Web Store

E-Commerce Your Data NOW

Secure, flexible and fast to launch, TickSmith’s cloud-based data web store enables your firm to package and commercialize your data from anywhere to anyone!

New Feature - Snowflake Integration

You Can Now Automate Your Data Sales and Delivery Process on Snowflake!

The #1 Data Distribution Platform
for the Financial Industry

We enable the world’s leading exchanges and financial institutions to generate new revenue streams and increase their customer base. TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store provides a proven, secure, end-to-end solution that removes the complexities of selling and buying data.

The CME Group has always offered customers a robust set of historical data, and working with TickSmith allows us to deliver it in a way that is as easy as shopping online. Since the launch of DataMine, our modern data web store, we have increased our active customer base by more than 50%.

-Tim Wheeler,  Product Manager


increase in active customer base

How Does It Work?

Connect, unify, package and monetize your data effortlessly


Connect and ingest your data without code.


Unify your data and create custom data sets.


Package your data into products and categories.


Deliver your data to buyers exactly as they want it.

Accelerate Time to Market

Go-live with your own customized data web store within weeks. Leverage the data catalog builder to quickly set up new products for sale. 


Expand Your Data Offering

Create new data sets for sale from the data you already produce. Provide new data services that enable your customers to interact with your data in new ways.


Expedite Your Sales Cycle

Turn a multi-step, multi-week sales cycle into a single online session. Put data browsing into the hands of your customers, allowing them to easily find the data they are looking for.

Grow Your Business

Learn which of your data products and services your customers care about most and get insight into how to evolve your data offering in the future. 

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